Frequently Asked Questions

When you call our Peoria office, our receptionist, Shawn will interview you over the phone and schedule your first appointment. She’ll take notes about your past and present dental health concerns and ask you for contact information so she can mail you a health history form. Please fill out and complete the patient form before your first visit.

The first appointment usually lasts one to two hours. The first part is dedicated to getting to know you and to understand why you came! Family members and significant others are encouraged to attend and be in the examination room during the appointment

Complete dentures or full dentures replace all or most of the missing teeth in a dental arch, as well as the missing gum and bone. Dr. June will design a plan using the best teeth and setting them, so they give you a natural smile.

An immediate denture (full or partial) refers to a denture that is placed at the same appointment that the natural teeth are removed. This is what is meant by the term “immediate denture.”

A partial denture, also called a removable bridge, is used when only some of the natural teeth are missing in one of the dental arches. Some patients object to a removable bridge/partial denture because the clasps, used to anchor the remaining natural teeth to the denture, are often visible when they smile. Dr. June works with patients to minimize or hide the clasps. One of the advantages to a removable bridge/partial denture is that often times, it’s possible to add teeth, making this method very cost-effective.

The term “over-denture” refers to a partial denture or complete/full denture that fits over “something.”  The “something” can be a natural tooth root, a dental implant, or a natural tooth with a coping. The purpose of the natural tooth root, the coping, or the dental implant is to provide a way to “anchor” the denture. These dentures are considerably more costly, initially, and require more maintenance.

A dental implant is a “core/screw-post” of titanium that can be placed in the bone of either jaw. The quality of the bone, the width and depth of the bone and the location of vital structures, such as the nerves, arteries, and sinuses, are all factors when determining the possible locations for dental implants

New dentures will feel like you have a “mouth full” at first.  Speech will be different, but will improve with time.

Eating comfortably with new dentures or implants often takes time. Start eating soft foods that are cut into small pieces and chew slowly and deliberately. At first, avoid foods that are firm, hard, or sticky.

After Treatment

A hybrid or fixed prosthesis is “screwed” onto the implants. Sometimes this involves a custom bar that supports the teeth, and other times there is a metal framework with gum-colored acrylic and resin teeth that is screwed onto the implants. This is a much more costly prosthesis and requires more costly, twice a year maintenance.  Depending on the materials used for the denture base and the teeth, the prosthesis can wear out in two to three years. The cost of this new one will be more expensive than a more conventional denture. This kind of prosthesis becomes necessary in patients who have a strong gag reflex.

Since the initial appointment in the office is usually scheduled for one to two hours, there is a fee that is charged for this appointment. Fees are based on the difficulty and complexity of the case.

Most dental insurance plans provide for some coverage for dentures. Dental Insurance plans do provide for replacing old, worn-out dentures.  The coverage for replacing existing dentures varies. Usually a minimum of 5 years must elapse before the dental insurance will pay toward new dentures. Our office staff can send in a dental form asking for an Estimate of Benefit (EOB) from your insurance provider.

Our office has a number of payment options that will be discussed at the appropriate time. Payment for the initial examination appointment will be discussed at the time the appointment is made. Payment for this appointment is expected at that appointment.