What are the Different Types of Dentures?

Over-Dentures:   The term “over-denture” means that all or part of a denture fits over the top of “something.” This “something” can be a natural tooth, natural tooth root, a single dental implant, multiple stud implants, or over a bar that is supported by dental implants. These over-dentures have attachments associated with them that have […]

Proper Mouth Care

Patients without teeth need to clean their oral tissues daily. Our office recommends an electric “spin brush” with soft bristles to massage and clean the oral tissues (tongue, roof of mouth, cheeks, and gums).  Warm saline (salt water) or warm alcohol-free mouthwash should be used at least twice daily (after breakfast and before sleeping). It […]

Proper Care of Your Partial and/or Full Denture(s)

Full and partial dentures are a costly investment. Keeping them clean is an important part of not only protecting your investment but helping to keep you healthy.  Dentures will become contaminated with the bacteria in your mouth. They also can become contaminated when you get a cold or the flu. Therefore, regular thorough cleaning is […]